Concrete Services

Not all residential or commercial property owners go the extra length to upgrade to concrete versus asphalt. In terms of cost, concrete is a much more expensive product. But although it is low-maintenance, that does not mean that it is entirely maintenance-free! Concrete does require regular pressure washing to prevent staining and to keep it in good condition to avoid costly repairs.

Concrete Pressure Washing in Charleston SC

Pressure Washing Concrete is a Must

Not only is staining unsightly; those stains ruin the entire reason that you chose to upgrade. Concrete has the highest durability when it comes to paving walkways, driveways, and parking lots, but weeds and rot growth can lead to cracking in the concrete that can be costly to fix and just looks bad. Our pressure washing technique can help to remove weeds and roots around the edges so that they won’t have a chance to jeopardize one of your biggest upgrade investments!

Not Just About Aesthetics

Keeping your concrete areas clean is about more than good looks. If you don’t address dirt and debris build-up it can start to grow algae, mold, and mildew, and when that happens, it can make the surface slick and risk slip and fall injuries. As a property owner, if you don’t take all steps possible to ensure safety, the cost of an accident can become your responsibility. Don’t risk someone getting hurt or the litigation that comes with an accident when you can hire our concrete pressure washing service to make sure that all of the surfaces around your property are safe and clear to walk on!

Commercial and Residential Concrete Pressure Washing

It doesn’t make much sense to put in the additional expense to make your property look better and then skimp on the maintenance. The little cost that it takes to keep your concrete in good shape and looking nice is well worth it in the end! At Jeff’s Exterior Washing, we make sure that all of your exterior spaces from roofs to your concrete areas are clean and safe to walk on!

Commercial and Residential Concrete Pressure Washing