Oxidation Removal

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for both commercial and residential property owners due to its cost, durability, and low maintenance needs. But because it is outdoors, there is no way you can entirely protect it from harmful UV rays. The sun’s radiation causes oxidation, which can be very visible on some siding surfaces. If you have siding oxidation, you can literally rub it with your fingers to see the film that it produces. Also, you might notice a slight haze over time.

Vinyl Siding Oxidation Removal

What is Oxidation and How Do We Eliminate it?

Oxidation is not something that you can remove using pressure washing. Unfortunately, many property and homeowners are dissatisfied with pressure washing because the oxidation remains even after you wash the siding itself. There are instances where the home or property owner will actually blame the pressure washing company for the oxidation effect.

Our Ultimate Job is to Make Your Siding Look Fresh, Clean, and Bright!

At Jeff’s Exterior Washing, we understand that our job is to make your siding look fresh, clean, and bright, and if you are experiencing oxidation, then none of those things are going to be possible. We add a cleaner that is specifically designed to remove oxidation and are one of the few industry experts who will not just clean your property; we will make sure that you get the results you want and you are 100% satisfied.

We Use Industry-Specific Solvents to Remove Oxidation and Restore Your Siding’s Shine!

The cleaners and solvents are not cheap, but again: we don’t provide a cheap service, we provide a superior one. Removing all the build-up, including the white haze that oxidation causes, is just a part of the process for us. Before you hire another pressure washing company, make sure to ask them how they address it or you will likely not be 100% satisfied with the results you get! When you hire Jeff’s Exterior Washing, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. That is a promise that we make to all of the projects and customers that we take on!

Solvents to Remove Oxidation and Restore Your Siding’s Shine