Pressure washing and soft washing are amazing at removing exterior dirt and debris, but the quality of the results does depend on how you hire. If you simply Google “pressure washing companies near me” and choose, that can be risky. Before you hire anyone to pressure or soft wash your home, it is best to go the extra mile to make sure they have the following qualities to get the job done.


The pressure washing industry has come a long way over the past several decades, with equipment working more safely and efficiently to clean everything from the roof to the sidewalk. The quality of your pressure washing does rely heavily on how well the company you hire invests in its equipment and tools. At Jeff’s Exterior Washing, we have the most innovative pressure washing equipment in the industry to ensure that we deliver the highest-quality results to every client who puts their faith in us.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

It isn’t enough to purchase a commercial pressure washer and put the “open for business” sign up. Pressure washing is an excellent way to maintain the exterior of your home or office, but it is not appropriate for all surfaces. Before you hire a company to pressure wash, make sure that they have the expertise and knowledge to know what can and can’t safely be pressure washed. For all those areas that might not be hardy enough, a soft washing technique is a must!

Insurance and Liability

No matter how on top of things you are, there is always the chance that things can randomly go wrong. Make sure that the company you hire has a thorough checklist and process to keep everyone and everything safe, and then go the extra mile to ensure that they have the proper license and insurance to back things up if something goes awry. If they don’t, the cost of damages will likely fall on you! Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

Reputation for Excellence

Online reviews and ratings are an excellent way to verify that a company is successfully meeting the needs of its customer base. Before you contact anyone to do your pressure washing in Summerville, make sure that you read what other customers say. A customer who has had a good experience will likely be happy to share. In the same respect, if someone was dissatisfied, they might want to warn others.


Most homeowners are necessarily going to be guided by their budgetary restraints, but choosing a company using price alone can be a huge mistake. There is a difference between being cost-competitive and delivering a cheap service. It is never good to go “cheap” – you usually get what you pay for!

Pressure washing and soft washing are great ways to get the exterior of your home or office clean, but the company you hire does matter. Before you simply Google “pressure washing companies near me,” make sure to go the extra mile to find a company like Jeff’s Exterior Washing. We have the expertise, cost-competitive pricing, and reputation that you can believe in. Contact us today to get started!